WASGIJ Destiny Retro 3, Sands of Time (1000 pieces)

WASGIJ Destiny Retro 3, Sands of Time (1000 pieces)


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Jumbo, 1000 pieces

WASGIJ ("jigsaw" backwards) puzzles are mystery puzzles where the image on the box isn't necessarily the same image that's on the pieces. It may be set in the future, in the past, or a parallel world. It's up to you to complete the puzzle and find out!

A Wasgij Destiny is the unique 'time travelling' puzzle concept where puzzlers have to use their imagination and the clues provided to piece together what the scene printed on the box will look like in the modern day. This particular Wasgij was the 3rd in the Destiny series and has been re-released as Wasgij retro jigsaw puzzle! In the scene on the box, we see a bunch of people enjoying a jolly trip to the seaside, wearing their long swimsuits, top hats and having a wonderful time! But what will this same scene look like in the future? Will the beach be just as busy? Will these people still be visiting? That's what you have to find out. 

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