WASGIJ Destiny 19, The Puzzlers Arms (1000 pieces)

WASGIJ Destiny 19, The Puzzlers Arms (1000 pieces)


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Jumbo, 1000 pieces

WASGIJ ("jigsaw" backwards) puzzles are mystery puzzles where the image on the box isn't necessarily the same image that's on the pieces. It may be set in the future, in the past, or a parallel world. It's up to you to complete the puzzle and find out!

Don't puzzle what you see on the box, puzzle the future! What will happen to these people? That's what you have to figure out. In this scene, the Puzzlers Arms is full of characters enjoying a drink or two, playing pool and having a sing-song on the piano. But is all going to be this merry in the future? What is the future of this pub full of people? 

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