Sword, Viking Harald, Red

Sword, Viking Harald, Red

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The red Viking sword was Harald’s first sword, which he received long before he became a chief. Harald proved his worth as a warrior and protector with his sword and paved the way for his future appointment as chief. The sword is a real Viking handicraft and was made with a technique that has been perfected over generations. A golden motif of Harald himself decorates the blade just as the iron counterweight has golden decorations.
  • 3 years+ | Toys for active and pretend playing and imaginative challenges   
  • Part of a viking line with swords, shield, cape, helmet and an axe 
  • Flexible EVA foam that insures both fun, safety and durability 
  • Safety tested according to European and American standards 
  • Perfect for halloween, birthdays, dress up parties or as a gift idea 
  • Danish designed toys created with care 

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