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Create super-stylish string art. You start with string, pins, paper, and a board. You end with adorable art. This kit takes the mystery out of what happens in between. Discover a whole new world of string art, from cute critters to fashionable flowers. Learn just three techniques - Scribble, Fan, and Zigzag - to make the 15+ projects included in the book. Use whatever background paper and string colors you like to give your string art a style that's all your own.

What You Get

You can make six beautiful string art projects with:
- Klutz custom pin-pushing tool
- 500+ pins
- 80 yds of craft string in 8 colors.
- 6 sturdy project boards
- Background papers
- Tracing Paper

You'll also need:
- Tape
- Pencil or fine-tip marker.
- Scissors
- Glue

Klutz Crystal Clear Instructions

With 56 pages of detailed instructions and brightly-colored images, you will learn the three simple steps and three easy techniques needed to create adorable artwork.

Throughout the book, you will also find helpful tips on how to avoid common mistakes, and suggestions on how to take your artwork to the next level.

Learn These Patterns

Choose from the following patterns to create your own work of art:

1. Scribble Technique: Heart, Star, Whale, Cherries, Locket, Glasses, Love.

2. Fan Technique: Butterfly, Star, Flower, Fox, Dandelion, Owl.

3. Zigzag Technique: Feather, Ice Cream, Star, Snail.

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