Squishable Coffee Cup, Large

Squishable Coffee Cup, Large


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A space capsule can't get into orbit without a rocket! Snow can't make it down from the clouds without gravity! And I can’t write product descriptions for new Squishables without a big honkin'’ cup of coffee! It'’s the global productivity propellant that keeps millions from falling asleep into a pile of textbooks and snoring loudly enough that the whole library hears! That last one is definitely not from personal experience! No sir!But what coffee giveth, sometimes we want taketh-ed away! What better way to come down from a caffeine-accelerated day than by burrowing into a pile of blankets and this extra-extra-extra large cup of Coffee? Not a whole latte!

15 squishy inches of chill beans . All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

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