Shield, Samurai

Shield, Samurai

Lion Touch

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When toddlers play dress-up they step into a whole new world with their imaginations! The Samurai shield is a samurai warrior’s insurance against enemy archers. As protector and servant of the people, a strong defense is strictly necessary, and a samurai warrior is, therefore, always required to have his shield on him. The motif of the golden coated shield is the legendary samurai warrior Isamu’s mask, which he wore in his endless battle for justice. The stories of Isamu’s strength and loyalty live on and this is something that every samurai warrior strives to emulate. All Liontouch pretend-play items are made from multiple layers of foam, with a single bendable foam layer at the rounded end of the pretend sword, ensuring play remains safe! Recommended for ages 3 years+. Pretend-play builds social and emotional roles in life. And, exercising the imagination develops self-confidence, leading to better problem solving in the future.

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