Portable Playsets: Jack's Diner

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Swing by Jack’s Diner and grab a bite to eat with Dennis, the purple octopus! This portable playset features authentic diner details, like a cozy booth and colorful jukebox! Easy for kids to carry, Jack’s Diner can travel wherever your little one goes.

Easily Portable Playhouse

Did someone order take-out? Jack’s Diner folds up in seconds, and has room to store all of the fun accessories included in this set. Both light and compact, kids can pack their playset into their backpacks, or carry it with them using the built-in handle. This diner is ready to go!

Authentic Diner Details

The décor and accessories of Jack’s Diner feature realistic details pulled from the grown-up world. Kids get to use this vivid playset as a backdrop for their own imaginary scenarios! While Jack cooks up a delish meal in the kitchen, Dennis can slide into the cozy booth and sip on a frosty drink.

Learning through Play

This playset makes the great big world small enough for a child to explore! As kids take Jack and Dennis through the dining room, kitchen and bathroom, they play out every day experiences and learn to interpret and understand the world around them!

Encourage Imaginative Play

Engaging kids in imaginative play encourages them to develop creatively, emotionally and socially. Once kids unfold Jack’s Diner, they have full freedom to create their own adventurous scenarios and role-play with their Sago Mini characters.

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