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Design and build your own fantastic flyers!

Dragons make terrible pets. For one thing, they can be a nasty fire hazard. For another, the airspace that a full-grown dragon needs for proper exercise is impossible to provide if you live within 120 miles of an airport. So this book provides the next best thing to a pet dragon: flying models of amazing dragons that you make from paper. From adult dragons to young dragons just out of the egg and ready to fly - everything you need to make them is right here. Plus, there's the Robo-dragon, a beast you build from different wings and heads and tails. Perfect if you want to invent a dragon no one has ever seen before. Will your creations soar - or crash? Fly it and see - then change the parts and try again. Whatever you do, respect your dragons. Because these aren't just paper toys, and they're certainly not pets. They are high-performance fantastic flying beasts.

Build and fly your favorite dragon with:

- 5 adult dragon papers

- 6 hatchling dragon papers

- 1 robo-dragon papers

- Tape

Klutz Crystal Clear Instructions

With 48 pages of detailed instructions with brightly colored images, you will soon be able to build your own paper dragons.

You will learn how to make great folds, check symmetry and make necessary tweaks for a great flying beasts.

Stuck on a certain step? Throughout the book, you will also find helpful suggestions on how to fix common problems with useful explanations.

Meet the Dragons

Some dragons live in the mountains, others near the sea. Some are ready for battle, while others prefer soaring over the desert sun. Meet our adult dragons:

1. Aoraki Ice Dragon

2. Scarlet Patagonian Dragon

3. Cook's Blue-Frilled Sea Dragon

4. Huo Jien Thunder Dragon

5. Kalahari Sun Dragon

6. Steampunk Robo-Dragon

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