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On the Dot

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On the Dot - The Super Spotted Brain Teaser

A card representing a combination of several colored dots is placed on the table. Each user has 4 transparent plastic cards also with colored dots in different positions and has to superimpose them to obtain the same combination as the card on the table. This is done by rotating and flipping the cards and trying them in different orders. One difficulty is that you will have to hide some of the dots on cards you placed underneath, to obtain the right combination. The first player to match the pattern shouts "Vitrail!" (or "On the Dot!" or "En el Punto!") and if their copy is correct they win the card. The game can also be played solo, by seeing how many cards you can re-create in a set amount of time.

The box (an oversized tin) contains: 
16 (4"x4") transparent cards (four sets of four identical cards, with one each of red, yellow, green and purple dots scattered on them)
64 one-sided combination cards

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