Mr. Jack (Revised Ed.)

Mr. Jack (Revised Ed.)

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Mr. Jack (Jack the Ripper) and the Investigator square-off in this graphically spectacular 2-player board game.  The investigator searches the city and investigates the 8 characters in the game to find whose secret alter-ego is actually Mr. Jack  and who is innocent, while Mr. Jack carefully attempts to flee the city in time to escape the investigator's grasp.

This 2 player games of deception and strategy plays fast and has wonderfully stunning graphics. The investigator is set against Mr. Jack's (Jack the Ripper) ability to hide in the city and keep his alter-ego in the shadows during play that lasts only 8 turns. A truly challenging game which plays in 30 minutes as both players use deduction and strategy to attempt to outwit each other.

Players: 2
Ages: 9 and up
Game Play: 30 minutes

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