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The Mindo Collection consists of 4 clever puzzles; can you collect and master them all? 

Play solo, or combine them and race your friends. No matter which version you choose the rules are the same: turn and flip the double-sided tiles until you have recreated the color pattern on the challenge card. They only fit one way into a 3x3 or 4x4 grid, so think and plan carefully. 60 different challenge cards and 4 levels of difficulty ensure hours of brain teasing fun! 

Are you as smart as Robbie the Robot? This version will challenge you to find out! Find the perfect position so each of the 9 tiles fits into the grid.

Ages 5 and up

Skills: Visual Perception Logic Focus and Attention 

Play Time: 10-20 minutes 

Contents: 60 Challenge Cards (with solutions) 9 Tiles Illustrated Rules

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