Skewb Xtreme

Skewb Xtreme

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Twist your brain into knots with an extreme color-matching puzzle!

With ten colors and thirty faces, all angled into one mind-boggling cube of criss-crossing sections, this genius device will have you twisting and turning straight to the edge of intelligence.

Start by twisting randomly in every direction to completely mix up the colors.

Then, twist it again this way and that way until you've matched the colors back to the original completed state.

Sounds easy, right? Nope! It's an extreme challenge! (hence the name) What does that look like when it's done? The giant center X has a solid color on each of the six sides while the inner diamonds are each split between two colors.

What do you do once you get there? Do it all over again, but faster!

Get into puzzle action like never before with the Skewb Xtreme 3D color-matching puzzle.

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