MAN TGA Cement Mixer


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Arrive at the construction zone in your very own electric blue Bruder MAN TGA Cement Mixer ready to help your crew complete the job at hand.

With exquisite details, this truck is as real to life as it gets. At a perfect 1:16 scaled size, little ones can easily push it around through dirt, stone and grass. Pack it in a bag to take on vacation, park, ball field or just into the back yard for hours of imaginary playtime.

As a driver, three steps is all it takes to enter the bright colored cab. Once inside, sit down for a comfy ride to the site on your realistic treaded tires. With folding mirrors and working doors, entering the truck and driving down the road is a cinch. If problems arrive on the trip the cab lifts up and forward to allow viewing of the engine block for quick repairs.

Once you get there, calculate the perfect water to concrete mix and turn the dial to start the mixing of the barrel. Use the swinging chute to place the concrete mix where needed, just make sure to keep your flow even. When finished unroll the hose, use the yellow bucket and clean up the equipment before heading back to base and reloading.


  • 1:16 Scale
  • Folding Mirrors
  • Cab lifts up for viewing of Engine Block
  • Turning Mixing Barrel
  • Working Hose Wheel
  • Swinging Chute
  • Tread on Tires for ease in Off Road Play

Choking hazard: not for infants under 3 years of age.

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