Large Inflatable Sunrise Water Sprinkler

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Picture the ultimate summertime kid-pleaser: a giant, inflatable sprinkler! This brightly-colored Inflatable Sunshine Sprinkler will bring warm smiles and jolly laughter to your backyard fun! It's the perfect way for kids to cool off on a hot summer day, and makes a perfect addition to a summertime birthday party or "School's Out" celebration!

The sprinkler is anchored in white clouds designed with pockets to hold sand or water for increased stability (sand not included). Inflate the heavy-duty vinyl sprinkler in your backyard and safely attach a standard garden hose to the inner curve of the sunshine to create a continuous summer shower of watery fun. Invite friends, family, and neighbors over for a sunshiny afternoon of wet 'n' wild fun!

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend inflating this with an air pump, the type that you would use for an inflatable matress or large pool float.  Be sure to fully inflate the arch, and stake your sunshine sprinkler (ropes and stakes are included) for stability.

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