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EDUCATIONAL AND FUN - Katamino is a building game that helps children to understand basic concepts of geometry. It includes 20 wood playing pieces, wooden game board and instructions. It is a solitaire puzzle or strategy game with quick rounds for two players of all ages and skill levels.

3 GAMES IN ONE - Whether you are a beginner or a little genius, alone or in company, these 7 to 15 minutes experiences will delight children and parents alike. Katamino Family In a duel, be the fastest to fill your space with the imposed pieces. In solo mode, make as many figures as possible from the thousands of possible combinations, or special 2-player game cards which have an easy and hard side allowing two players with different age/skill levels to play together.

QUALITY FAMILY TIME - The sheer amount of playing modes and difficulty levels allow for multiple games to be played in a row, bringing the whole family together for memorable moments. Katamino is a wooden family puzzle game inspired by the Russian tile matching computer game making this is no ordinary board game!

BRAIN STIMULATOR - An evolutional and educational game, this family game is a game that keeps very long because it evolves with the child, and can play alone or with several people. All in wood pieces and includes an activity guide filled activities for children as young as age 3. features the two-player gameplay with puzzles and Special 2-player game cards which have an easy and hard side allows two players with different age/skill levels to compete in head-to-head matches with a mild handicap

2D AND 3D PATTERNS - With both 2D and 3D game challenges of construction and balancing, not only is it a progressive brain-teaser, it plays in duel between children and parents as well. This is a great game of logic and construction not to be missed alone or with other players, fun for the whole family! No wonder Katamino Family has become a milestone among educational games! Or, complete the included solo challenges or exploring thousands of possible combinations!

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