Jan van Haasteren: The Zoo (1000 pieces)


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Jumbo, 2x 1000 piece puzzles

WASGIJ ("jigsaw" backwards) puzzles are mystery puzzles where the image on the box isn't necessarily the same image that's on the pieces. It may be set in the future, in the past, or a parallel world. It's up to you to complete the puzzle and find out!

Includes a FREE 1000 Piece jigsaw puzzle inside! The eagerly awaited Wasgij Christmas 15 is here! This fantastically festive Christmas Wasgij will certainly amuse you. Santa, his elves and Mrs Claus are busy at the North Pole, getting the Toys wrapped and ready for the sleigh. The tree is sparkling and everyone is full of festive cheer, but it appears they have received an unexpected delivery! What could it be? Puzzle what Santa, Mrs Claus and his elves are looking at! Even Rudolph has popped his head around the door for a peek. 

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