HugglePod Lite Indoor/Outdoor Nylon Hanging Chair with Inflatable Cushion - Purple


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Made of tough, durable, and delightfully lightweight nylon, the HugglePod® Lite Hanging Chair is the perfect play space for little munchkins! It's also a quiet and comfy place to hide away with a great book, or take a little catnap.

This addition to our legendary league of HugglePod® hanging chairs is just as snuggly, dreamy, creative, and comfy as its cousins, and portable for moving from room to room or tree to tree.

Made of nylon with a reinforced, durable hanging strap and edging, it also includes a comfy inflatable cushion. Use one of our Heavy Duty Easy Tree Hangers (sold separately) for easy setup outside.

It's the perfect place for kids to snuggle, read, take a nap, or just have some kid-time away from the world!

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