Harry Copter's Animal Rescue

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Hi guys, Harry Copter here soaring the skies in search of any jungle disasters. I'm the helicopter to call when there's a rumble in the jungle as I can use my magnetic pick up system to help the stranded animals to hospital so they're back to normal in no time. Just hold my sturdy handle and squeeze the trigger to activate my friction-powered main rotor, then pick up the injured animals with my magnetic lift and drop them off safely by turning the searchlight.

WOW's Harry Copter's Animal Rescue flies through the skies over the jungle, looking for animals to rescue. This toy helicopter comes with a panda, lion, and crocodile, all of which can be picked up using the helicopter's magnetic system. Harry dips down, picks up an animal friend, and zooms away. Dave the vet fits in the cockpit or can be removed for play outside the helicopter. When kids hold Harry by his sturdy handle to make him "fly," they can also squeeze the trigger to activate his friction-powered motor, making his helicopter blades spin.

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