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Wave goodbye to tiny wands and spilled soap bottles! With these unique bubble gloves, making bubbles becomes easier, more creative, and more fun. Just fit your hand into one of the gloves, dip it into the tray filled with the bubble solution, and then start waving, running, and letting the bubbles fly! Each bubble glove features another fun animal friend and they're all made of high quality materials that stay sturdy and strong no matter how much you play. Rediscover the playful excitement of bubbles with the Glove a Bubble!
  • Encourages outdoor play, gross motor skills, active play, cooperative play
  • An excitingly active way to play with bubbles!
  • Put your hand in one of the gloves, dip it in the bubble solution, wave your hand around to make bubbles
  • Each glove features another fun animal friend - Lion, panda, crocodile, hippo, elephant
  • Includes bubble glove, bubble solution
  • Sized just right for all hand sizes
  • Gloves each measure 12 x 8.5 inches
  • High quality materials - Lasting durability

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