Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Dungeons & Dragons

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Adventure on the High Seas

Heroes must arise to keep the waves safe!

Nestled on the coast of the Azure Sea is Saltmarsh, a sleepy fishing village that sits on the precipice of destruction. Smugglers guide their ships to hidden coves, willing to slit the throat of anyone foolhardy enough to cross their path. Cruel sahuagin gather beneath the waves, plotting to sweep away coastal cities. Drowned sailors stir to unnatural life, animated by dark magic and sent forth in search of revenge. The cult of a forbidden god extends its reach outward from a decaying port, hungry for fresh victims and willing recruits. While Saltmarsh slumbers, the evils that seek to plunder it grow stronger.

D&D’s Best Aquatic Adventures, All In One Place

Ghosts of Saltmarsh compiles seven of the best nautical adventures from D&D’s history.

Like Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh—a revelation when it was originally published in 1981, it’s been faithfully updated for fifth edition D&D, and it’s just as chilling as it was then.

The Perfect Starting Point for Nautical Campaigns

Tucked away on the southern coast of Keoland lies the backwater fishing town of Saltmarsh.

A location in the Greyhawk setting, Saltmarsh is detailed here so that it can easily fit into any campaign, whether it’s set in Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Mystara, or any other plane.

Rules Sets for Seafaring Quests

The sea and its threats aren’t unique to Saltmarsh. The book’s appendices are a toolbox for ocean-bound adventures.

Dungeons Masters will find everything they need to submerge players in marine heroics—stat blocks for ships, rules for naval navigation, ship-to-ship combat, mysterious islands, new and classic monsters, and much, much more.

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