Dinosaur's Binkit (Boynton)

Dinosaur's Binkit (Boynton)

Simon and Schuster

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A dinosaur and his blanket get ready for bed in this Sandra Boynton classic.

Listen! Look! Touch! Giggle!
Good night, Dinosaur.
Good night, Binkit.

Sandra Boynton turns on the charm again in this story about a cuddly dino who refuses to go to bed until he (or she) has the right comfort object. A reflective silvery moon, some pull-out flaps, and a liftable bedspread with a reluctant hero hiding beneath it offer the very small reader a way into the story. The "Binkit" itself, a piece of soft yellow felt, can be stroked for reassurance. Reluctant bedtimers from one to three will enjoy this introduction to the idea of a bedtime routine that ends with comfort, closed eyes, and peace. (Baby to age 3)

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