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I'm Dexter, but you can call me Dex! Whenever there's a problem on site I'm here to sort it, and whatever Dudley Dump Truck says, I'm the boss around here! I can lift heavy weights with my sturdy digging arm, and I can spin around to offload it in any part of the site. Press my secret WOW button to discover all sorts of mystery things on board and my friction-powered action means I can whizz from one end of the construction site to the other in no time at all. My strong, but easy to use scoop action can lift anything on site, and I know all the other construction guys are jealous of good old Dex!

Hard-working Dexter the Digger is made for hours of interactive fun. This primary-colored excavator has a locking mechanical arm that scoops up the three included plastic boulders with its push-and-pull lever. Then Dexter spins around and, thanks to the sturdy friction motor with realistic engine sounds, drives off to lower and deposit them safely. The removable driver figure can get down from his seat and "help" your child with the work. There's even a secret WOW button to press that opens Dexter's engine compartment to reveal his inner workings.

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