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Cosmic Factory is a speedy game of tile placement. Through five game rounds, each player tries to build and optimize their personal nine-tile galaxy in a limited time. You must rearrange your planets into different zones while trying to keep your asteroid path as long as possible. Kaos cards challenge each player to adapt to a new rule each round. At the end of the game, your weakest zone score is added to your asteroid path score to determine the winner.

In a race against time, try to form the most fabulous galaxy in the universe. But be careful not to neglect the unstable and chaotic rules that govern the cosmos. Each turn, players begin by discovering the law of Kaos in force: perhaps it will be necessary to explore new asteroid paths, face black holes or discover a new dimension; then each one selects the tiles which will constitute his galaxy, while taking care not to leave too many opportunities to his adversaries. Players then have one minute to best combine their 9 tiles. You think your creation surpasses that of others? Take the bet and catch a Bonus Tile to improve your result! Remember that a well mastered Kaos must lead you to balance: even if you score points for each type of planets, only your lowest score will be taken into account at the end... Don't leave any behind!

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