Choose Your Own Adventure: 6-book Box Set #1

Choose Your Own Adventure: 6-book Box Set #1

Choose Your Own Adventure

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This 6-book boxed set of interactive, children's classics includes 6 books from the Choose Your Own Adventure series: The Abominable Snowman * Journey Under the Sea * Space and Beyond * The Lost Jewels of Nabooti * Mystery of the Maya * House of Danger.

Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, Choose Your Own Adventure is the 4th bestselling book series for children of all time.
These books are different from other books you've read before. There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences ahead of you, and only YOU can decide what happens next. BEWARE...the wrong decision could end in disaster--even death. But don't despair, at any time YOU can go back to make another choice and change the path of your story.

This action-packed boxed set takes YOU on over one hundred adventures: travel back in time to become a great Mayan warrior, unpack your bags on your new planet that is located in a galaxy full of black holes, and sniff out clues at a creepy house full of counterfeiting chimpanzees, life-size Venus flytraps, and portals back to the Civil War era. At the bottom of every page, YOU must make a choice: 
If you try to use your new mental and psychic powers right away, turn to page 31. 
If you decide to retreat back through the tunnel and have the professor explain how to use the powers on the way, turn to page 50.

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