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New to the wonderful world of Aquabeads? Then the Beginner’s Studio is the perfect set for you! Arrange the beads on the template and spray with water to create beautiful Aquabeads creations. Complete with over 800 beads in 12 colours, the only limit is your imagination! The Beginner’s Studio comes with a super cute shooting star-shaped bead storage case, 1 sprayer to set your beads, 1 super handy bead pen to help you arrange them, and 4 template sheets for plenty of creative inspiration. As an extra bonus the Beginner’s Studio case fits into the Artist’s Carry Case. Start getting artistic and creating beady masterpieces with the Aquabeads Beginner’s Studio today! This set comes with a beautiful bead case, making it perfect for using again and again with refill bead sets. 

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