Andy Warhol (paint by number)

Andy Warhol (paint by number)

Paint the Town by Numbers

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From the manufacturer:

"Our paint by number kits offer a warm nostalgic comfort that makes a great vintage inspired gift for any occasion, especially holiday gift giving. Once framed our paint by numbers paintings bring a cheerful splash of color to any home decor and liven up any room for that special "wow" factor! These are not your regular paint by numbers kits. They are designed in Nashville, Tennessee by an art teacher with an eye for design.

Each paint by numbers kit includes an 8”x10” painting board, 18 acrylic paint pots and a paint brush. Our paints are high quality craft acrylic and do not require any paint mixing. Our kits are easy and fun for all ages because they are designed by me - an art teacher!"

This kit features the pop artist Andy Warhol. As an art teacher I love sharing more about Warhol's life and interests. You can learn more about him and the pop art movement by reading the color names that tell his story. Hopefully they will inspire you to view more of Andy Warhol's work and go to a museum to see his pieces in person.

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