Learning Through Play

Twelve years ago, Cat & Mouse was created by an ex-librarian (Linda) and a middle school teacher (Andre) with the idea that play is one of the most important ways we learn, and education should be a joy.  Today, we find ourselves with a whole lot of expertise in both learning and playing, and as families across the country grapple with remote schooling, we want to help as much as possible. 

Below you'll find a wide range of products that we love and recommend, arranged by educational area.  Some are obvious picks, like the workbooks and science kits and math games, but some aren't so obvious.  As we move through the next few months on this journey, we'll publish some Learning Through Play blog posts that will provide extra guidance on how these games and toys can enhance your child's educational experience.  And hopefully along the way, we'll also have some fun!

Learning Through Play Blog Posts