Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Pieces

It's frustrating when missing pieces ruin the fun. While missing puzzle pieces are rare, manufacturing defects do occasionally happen.  Thankfully, puzzle manufacturers guarantee their products and have missing piece policies.  Listed below you'll find contact information for each of the brands we carry.

Before you contact the manufacturer, here are some steps we recommend taking:

  • When you start a puzzle, it's good to save the bag the pieces came in.  If a piece is missing, go back and shake the bag out thoroughly.
  • Double-check the box, the floor, the chairs, etc.
  • A missing piece will often turn up in an odd place a day or two after you finish.  Like stuck to your sweater.  Or in a plant.  Don't ask us how that one happened, because we have no clue.
  • Did you interrogate your dog?  Turns out our dog Harley eats puzzle pieces.  Bad dog!  All of our puzzling is now done in a secure, dog-free location.
  • Did you interrogate your children?  One of our sons went through a phase where he would steal pieces from puzzles in progress because he thought it was funny.  So. Not. Funny.

When you contact a puzzle manufacturer about a missing piece, they might ask you for specific information from your box, which will help them determine if an entire print run was problematic.  Or they might ask you to send them a picture of something.  The process for each one is a little different, which is why it's easier for customers to contact manufacturers directly, rather than having us act as a go-between.  However, If you do contact a manufacturer about a defective puzzle and do not hear back from them within a reasonable amount of time, please get in touch with us by emailing info@cat-n-mouse.com and we'll figure out how to make things right.