Does My Child Know How to Play Pokemon??

Parents often wonder... Is my child ready for one of the Saturday morning Pokemon events, or should they take the Pokemon 101 class first?

We want every kid who plays Pokemon with us to feel comfortable and confident in their skills, so it’s important that they participate at the level that’s right for them.  When a new Pokemon player joins us, the first thing we ask is, do they know the official rules of the game? Many kids say that they know how to play the Pokemon trading card game, and they do!  But they know how to play it by their “school rules” and not necessarily by the official rules.  

Here are the quick questions that we ask kids to determine whether or not they know the official rules.  If they can answer all of the questions correctly, they’re ready for one of our Saturday morning events.  If they can’t answer all the questions, attending one of our Pokemon 101 classes will get them up to speed.  
  1. How many cards should you have in a Pokemon deck? (60)

  2. What are the different types of cards and how many of each type should you have in a deck? (Pokemon, trainers, energy; 20/20/20)

  3. How do you win a match? (“Winning all your prize cards by knocking out your opponent’s Pokemon” is ideal but “opponent can’t draw a card” or “opponent doesn’t have any Pokemon on the bench to replace a knocked out active Pokemon” are also good answers)

  4. What is the first and last thing you should do on your turn? (Draw a card and attack)

  5. How many energy cards can you attach to your Pokemon each round? (one energy per round)

QUESTIONS?  Contact us at or 312-465-2178.