We are Linda Schmidt and Andre LeMoine (collectively known as "The Schlemoines") and this is our store. Yes that's right, Cat & Mouse Games is locally-owned and family-run!

Who are we?  Well, at various times we have been: a teacher, a librarian, an IT specialist, a pastry chef, parents, artists, gardeners, dreamers, geeks, travelers, and business owners.  Clearly we are easily distracted and happily entertained.  Mostly though, we're a couple of kids at heart who really love games and puzzles, and that's why we opened the first Cat & Mouse Games in 2008. 

In 2014 we added a second store in the heart of Chicago's West Loop, which proved to be the perfect location for a store chock full of fun!  So perfect in fact, that we quickly doubled the size of that store and added a whole slew of new playthings.   Eventually we closed or original shop in Bucktown so that we could concentrate all of our efforts on our larger shop.  Today, our store is 2500 sq ft of pure joy, centrally located in the city that we love and call home!

Andre and Milo LeMoine, owners of Cat & Mouse GamesLinda Schmidt, owner of Cat & Mouse Games

That's Andre on the left.  He loves Euro-style board games and is a teacher of squirmy middle-school students by day (bless him!)  Then there's Milo, who will probably crush you in a game of Dominion, and is currently obsessed with painting Warhammer miniatures.  Linda is on the right with her friend The Flash, and she's easy to beat at games right now because she needs more sleep.  Below on the left is our dear friend Jason, who runs our monthly Chicago Board Game Challenge, and on the right is our #1 son Cyrus, whose love of roleplaying started in 2nd grade when he discovered Andre's old D&D books in the basement.

We believe everyone likes to play, and we love to help you find the game that's just right for YOU!

And because we believe this, we have hundreds of unique game titles in stock, from games for young children to advanced strategy games for adults, and we continuously expand our selection. We read reviews, talk to customers and manufacturers, play tons of demo copies of board games, and attend conventions to find the very best in games and make them available at our store in Chicago.  In addition to kids' games, family games, party games, and strategy games, we carry classics such as chess, backgammon, and Go; roleplaying games; and trading card games.  If we don't have what you're looking for let us know, 'cause we always like to hear about what kind of games and puzzles people are interested in.

BUT we're more than just games!

Here's the deal.  We're young at heart!  We've never thought that fun and games were just for kids, so we've always surrounded ourselves with wacky, creative, ingenious, beautiful, or playful people and things.  We like:

  • toys for infants and toddlers
  • building toys
  • educational toys
  • cars and trucks and things that go
  • children's books (of course!)
  • arts & crafts
  • putties and squishies and other smooshie things
  • science kits
  • brainteasers
  • jigsaw puzzles  (LOTS of jigsaw puzzles!)
  • and more!

And so, you'll find all of those sorts of things here at Cat & Mouse, because we just can't help ourselves!

Thank you for visiting us online; we hope we meet you in our shop soon!