Games for Solo Play

These are games that can be played by a solo player.  Some are designed with one player in mind (or maybe two), but these days, a surprising number of games that we generally think of as multi-player will include rules for solo play (Terraforming Mars and Mage Knight are good examples).  Many of the "escape room" and murder/mystery type games (Exit, Unlock, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective) are great for one or more players.  And purely cooperative games (Pandemic for example) can usually be played very nicely with one player, since you're just playing against the game anyway.  Roll-and-writes are usually great for solo play, and don't forget the "brainteaser" games from companies like ThinkFun and Smart Games.  They're wonderful little brain exercises and logic puzzles designed for one person.   The best of the best of all of these types are included below.  See, there are a lot more options than you might think!