Games for TWO players OR more

Two-player only games have always been hugely popular, and during these days of social distancing, they're hotter than ever.  But how about games that play really well with two players, AND can also accommodate a higher player count?  The days of larger gatherings around a game table WILL come again, and we want to be ready!  Here are some of our favorites that fit that bill.

Games in the party-ish, guessing game genre that work with only two players are kind of hard to come by, but two recent releases fill that space pretty well.  Break the Code and Cross Clues have been hitting our kitchen table often with 2-4 players, whenever we're in the mood for something quick and breezy.  If abstract, puzzle-y games with a visual-spatial element are your jam, Tiny Towns, Nova Luna, Dragon Castle, Kingdomino and any of the Azul games are top picks.  We also love card games in our house, and Hats, Point Salad, and Walking in Burano have all been enjoyable with two or more players.  For something a bit meatier try Carcassonne, Pandemic, Splendor, or Ishtar.  And finally, we would be remiss if we didn't mention Dominion, the game that we have played more than anything else over the past decade.  It plays 2-4 players equally well, and has provided us with countless hours of entertainment.  It's a true gem of a game!