Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: Greatest Hits

Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty

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Experience each of the coolest Crazy Aaron's special effect putties in one set! Includes generous tins of magnetic, UV-reactive, glow-in-the-dark and heat-sensitive putties. Ages 8+

Package Includes:
  • Strange Attractor Magnetic Thinking Putty with Magnet (3.2oz Tin)
  • Foxfire Phantom Thinking Putty with Glow Charger (3.2 oz tin)
  • Sunburst Mini Hypercolor Thinking Putty Tin (.4 oz mini Tin)
  • Ion Mini Glow Thinking Putty (.4oz Mini Tin)
  • Super Scarab Mini Illusion Thinking Putty (.4oz mini Tin)

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