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Kids will love this fast-paced racing game right out of the box. Take turns blowing bubbles while the other child chases them down and pops each bubble with the friendly, smiling electronic bubble popper. Children already love bubbles so turning them into an active game is perfect. The Bubble Buster is a fantastic outdoor activity, catching bubbles helps children exercise, release energy, and even learn how to count. Talking wand helps take bubble activities to the next level of fun. No reading required, the bubble buster wand pings every time a bubble pops on the special bubble-sensing horns and keeps track of the score for each player. The winner is announced once each participant takes their turn. The Bubble Buster wand can sense almost all kinds of bubbles, so when your bubbles run out, just head on over to the dollar store and pick up a new pack. You can even get multiple bubble blowers at once if your child is feeling adventurous.

Package contains (1) Game Zone Bubble Buster Electronic Race and Chase Game. Includes 1 bottle of bubble solution, 1 bubble tray, 1 bubble blower, and 1 10" talking Bubble Buster wand. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Designed for two players, children ages 3 years and up.

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