Chessmen, Ultimate Triple Weight Staunton with 3.75 Inch Kings and Two Extra Queens

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This innovative set of chess pieces was specifically designed for the serious chess player. The pieces are ergonomically engineered to feature smooth surfaces and seamless edges to make extended games comfortable and a joy to play. The large-headed pawns and bishops, and the grooved knights are easier to grasp. Our premier weighting system is designed to last longer than other weighted chess sets with extra protection added to keep the weights from falling out. With thick billiard felted bottoms, you can rest assured these chess pieces will endure many years of rigorous play.
  • Meets all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for chess play
  • Pieces are triple weighted and weigh collectively 3.8 lbs. (1.72 kg)
  • The king measures 3.75 in. (95.2 mm) tall with a 1.65 in (41.9 mm) base diameter
  • Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess pieces
  • Includes 34 pieces including 2 extra queens, a hallmark of a good chess set
This set does NOT include a board, chessboard sold separately

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