What's Going on with the Jigsaw Puzzle Supply?

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Well, it has certainly been an interesting year for buying product and managing supply chains.  Andre tried to buy a kayak earlier in the summer and there were none to be found.  Need a bicyle?  Good luck! 

Jigsaw puzzles are the challenging supply issue that I've been dealing with, and with a lot of concerted effort, I've managed to keep our shelves full.  But I was just talking with one of our suppliers about what things will look like over the holiday season, and thought that our puzzle customers would appreciate some details about their favorite brands.  The upshot?  My words of advice for EVERYTHING this holiday season, not just puzzles, is that if you see something you like, buy it NOW instead of waiting.

For out-of-stock products on our website, remember that you can go to the product page and request a re-stock notification.  You'll automatically receive a text or email as soon as it re-stocks.  The notification will include a link to purchase the product in case you want to snag it right away, and upon checkout you'll be able to select store pickup or shipping as your delivery method.

Here are the details on some of the most popular jigsaw brands we carry.

* Ravensburger - We should be receiving a small supply of Christmas puzzles in mid-October (there's one called Packing the Sleigh in our holiday catalog) but other than that, things look pretty grim. We expect a severe shortage of Ravensburger puzzles to last into 2021.

* White Mountain - The production supply is steady, but there are long out-of-stock periods for specific images, so our selection is not as wide as normal.

* Heye and Jumbo - It's highly unlikely we will be receiving any new stock for the rest of the year. The company that handles their distribution in North America is predicting that the shortage will last well into 2021.

* Artifact Wooden Jigsaws - We just got a restock of these beautiful, very gift-able puzzles, but it's unlikely we will be getting any more this year. Artifact is located in California, and between the pandemic and the fires, they have been working under very difficult conditions.  Send them your good thoughts and buy their puzzles!

Cavallini - All designs are currently out of stock at the publisher, but many images should be re-stocked in mid- to late-October.

* All of the following brands have steady supply and a good selection of available images: Pomegranate, Eeboo, NY Puzzle Company, Gallison

All of the following brands are fulfilling orders, but with a substantial number of images out of stock:  Eurographics, Cobble Hill, Educa.


Hope that helps, puzzle fans, and thank you for being such awesome customers!



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