What We're Playing: Blue Lagoon

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Reiner Knizia strikes again!  This former mathematician and businessman is today one of the most widely published game designers on the planet.  Lost Cities, Ra, Battle Line, High Society, Modern Art, Through the Desert (a personal fav!) Tigris and Euphrates, Ingenious.... the list of his creations goes on and on.  With Blue Lagoon, Knizia has come up with yet another design that's elegant, fun, and eminently playable.

In Blue Lagoon, players are trying to control territory and collect resources. During a turn, players will put one of their villagers, boats, or hut on the board, trying to score points at the end of the round.  Points can be gained for connecting islands, for controlling the most territory on an island, for collecting goods, and for collecting statues.  As the game continues, the board fills up and decisions get tougher.  Players are always engaged, whether they're trying to snag a desired resource or fend off encroaching opponents.  It's all very classic and familiar, and yet, somehow the game manages to feel fresh.

With simple rules and only two rounds of play, you might think that the game is too easy or light, but we found it to be full of interesting little decisions. New or young players will be able to jump in quickly, while more seasoned board-gamers will still find a lot to like.  We predict that by this time next year, Blue Lagoon will be sitting on our Bestsellers shelf along the likes of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, and Carcassonne!

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