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Staff Pick: Tiny Epic Galaxies

Posted by Charlie Graham on

Space! It's very large. There are a staggering number of planets, nebulae, and stars floating out there in the cosmic foam. 275 million stars die each day and you would never notice if you weren't looking for them; just chew on that for a moment. The observable universe is so large, in fact, that if you packed up your Saturn V rocket (everyone has one in the garage, right?) and blasted off from the edge, traveling at a brisk 11.18 miles per second (or 40,000 mph), it would still take you 1.364 x 10^19 hours, or 1,561,745,800,000,000 years, to reach the other end. That's one and...

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Annals Of Gifting: The Lover Of Games Beautiful & Strange

Posted by Jessica Tylkowski on

"Last week customer told me his sister only likes "games that are weird... and like, super pretty?" and the category of game stuck in my mind. He could have been shopping for me! For the aesthete and connoisseur, some titles that are lovely to look at and unusual to play." - Jessica, West Loop Manager Tales Of the Arabian Nights: In this massively replayable monster of a board game, players roll dice and try to make the best choices as they move through fairy tale and legend. From the box: "Choose your actions carefully and the skills you possess will reward you:...

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