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Greetings Cat & Mouse friends and customers! 

This is Linda, the owner of Cat & Mouse Games.  I've finally had a chance to catch my breath after that crazy week, and the first order of business is to send out a huge thanks to everyone who shopped with us.  Your patronage and support and words of encouragement mean so much to me, and because of wonderful people like you, I have no doubt that we'll be able to get through the rough patch that lies ahead.  THANK YOU!!

So.... what does lie ahead?  For the next few weeks while the Illinois "Stay at Home" order is in effect, our shop in the lovely West Loop of Chicago will be closed. However, we will be able to fulfill some online orders.  Our capacity to do so will be limited, though, so at this time we're only taking orders for gift cards and for merchandise orders over $50.  For our fellow Illinois staying-at-home citizens, all in-state orders will receive FREE shipping.

READ ON for more details and answers to the burning questions you might have!

Why are you only fulfilling merchandise orders over $50?  

It's not because I'm greedy and only want the big bucks. (Let's face it, I wouldn't own a small independent store if money were my main motivation!)  It's because I'd like to use limited resources as efficiently as possible.  In keeping with the Governor's "Stay at Home" order, my staff is doing just that, and my time at the shop will be limited to 2 or 3 days a week. If there's only one product you need, please consider combining an order with other families in your high rise, with the neighbor whose porch you go past while walking your dog, or with the person in quarantine you're helping to care for.  Thank you!

Can I buy a gift card on your web site?

Yes!  There are several denominations available, from $10-$100.

Can I order something for curbside pickup?  Can I run into the shop just to buy one thing? 

No, we love and appreciate you, but please stay at home as much as possible.  The store is closed to customers and curbside pickup is NOT available.  All online orders will be shipped via UPS.

Can I call the shop and order over the phone?

No, my hours at the shop will be few and sporadic, so all orders must be placed via our web site.

There's something I think you have at the shop but I don't see it on your web site.  Can I still buy it?

If it's still in stock, yes!  Most of our games, puzzles, and best-selling toys are online, but we have a ton of products that aren't, such as books, stuffed animals, and most little things like dice sets and RPG minis and fidgets and the all important finger hands.  To buy something that's not online, email me at and I'll get it added as soon as possible.  

Can you recommend [a thing] for [someone or something]?

Yes! I'm happy to tell you more about particular products or suggest things.  In fact, it would be a fun and lovely distraction, so please, ask me questions!  The best way to get in touch with me is by emailing  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Can I place a special order for something not in stock?

Alas, no.  Most of our suppliers are closing down for at least a few weeks, so while we have a ton of great things in the shop and quite a few orders en route, we won't be placing any new orders for the time being.

Are you still going to be in business when all this is over?

Yes!  Andre and I are middle-aged, frugal people, and we'll be fine.  Honestly, I'm more concerned about the financial well-being of my staff members.  Please know that they are not being laid off, and that I am determined to pay each of them a reasonable portion of their normal pay while we're shut down.  Your online orders will help to make that happen. 




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