Spooky Games Roundup 2: Son Of The Spook

Do you need something to scare you out of a gaming rut? Are your party guests only willing to listen to Monster Mash four or five times before requiring other entertainment? Is navigating a sugar/nut/dairy-free Halloween holiday feeling somehow unfestive? Here are some seasonally-appropriate new titles, rated on Cat & Mouse's patented* 1-7 Spooky Scale. For last year's list, click here: http://cat-n-mouse.com/blogs/news/59305861-4-ways-to-spook-up-your-gaming-for-halloween

In a place outside the waking world where children go while they sleep.
Wander the dreamkin—lost sleepers, whose souls this land seeks to keep.
Underneath the gentle waves of lucid seas we fell.
We’re off to find our missing friends in the vast Dreamwell.

Creepy child souls being trapped in dreams? Crazy surrealist artwork by Tara McPherson? Dreamwell is a nice alternative to a "horror" game for opening up to that autumn chill.  On our spooky scale, I'd rate it a 3 of 7: like the last cobwebs of a bad dream lingering over your morning.

The witch Baba Yaga flies in her mortar and pestle out of Slavic folktale and into this lovely Gamewright card game. Players collect spell components cards and cast spells to create potions and summon creatures that'll help them capture Baba Yaga. Fast-paced and clever, it's a colorful way to celebrate Halloween magic. 2 out of 7 spookiness: references the existence of an early morally ambiguous character in folk literature but otherwise pretty tame.

Betrayal's been a fall favorite for almost exactly as long as the Pumpkin Spice Latte (coincidence?) and gets its first expansion this year. Widow's Walk includes new monsters, items, events and a whole new area of the house to explore: the roof. 50 new haunts will last at least long enough to have yourself SCARY little Christmas. Gore, mayhem and double-crossery earns this one a six of seven on the ol' spook-o-meter.

Friends driving you nuts? Return the favor with Call Of Cthulhu! Everyone's favorite Lovecraftian RPG is back in print as a beautiful new edition. We've still got some spots available for our Learn To Play workshop this Saturday, more info here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rpg-workshop-how-to-play-call-of-cthulhu-tickets-28234578384 On a scale of one to seven, Call of Cthulhu scores, uh, a bucket of something black that appears to be breathing? (exposure to Ry'leh kind of breaks down any logical systems like "math")

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* we definitely do not have a patent.