Retro Toys Revisited: Spirograph

We grin every time something fun in our store elicits an excited cry of "I LOVED this when I was a kid!"  Spirograph is one of those beloved retro toys, and we're happy that the brand is going strong and bringing joy to a whole new generation of kids.  But did you know that there are a bunch of different Spirograph sets to choose from?  Here's the lowdown on all of the new versions of this old classic.

Original Spirograph Deluxe Set - This is the classic set!  It includes all the iconic wheels and rings of the original, a sturdy carrying case, and a built-in drawing surface.  Don't expect to find pins in this kit though; they've replaced those with a special putty that holds the pieces to the paper.  No pinholes in the paper, and none in your fingers, either!

Super Spirograph - Do you LOVE Spirograph and want to get your hands on as many pieces as possible?  With lots of interesting gears and a 50th Anniversary commemorative wheel, this is the set for you!

Spirograph Design Set Tin - This is a cute little take-along version of Spirograph, with enough gears to keep your kids busy when they're on the go.

Spirograph Cyclex - The unique rotating stencil wheels of the Cyclex automatically advance as you trace, making it easy to create incredible detailed designs. The design wheels are fully encased inside the Cyclex, which prevents accidental slipping of the gears.  We highly recommended this for anyone who has a little less manual dexterity than required by the classic Spirograph.

Spirograph Jr. Design Set - Regular Spirograph sets are actually quite difficult for really little kids to use, so this set was designed with very young aspiring artists in mind.  Jumbo pieces, washable markers, and a handy carrying case all make it the perfect choice for kids ages 3-6.

Rotodraw Activity Kit - Related to Spirograph and one of our personal favorites, the Rotodraw lets kids create surprise pictures when they trace, turn, and draw.  It's super easy to use and is perfect for kids as young as 4.