Play In The Sunshine: Three Great Ways To Get Everyone Outside For The Fourth!

Your pal Jess here with a few summery ideas for the holiday weekend and beyond. If you're in Chicago, the weather's supposed to be beautiful. Why not try to get your family outside? Who knows, if we play this right we might even get them off their phones.

Like a more refreshing and completely shelf-stable Pie Face, Wet Head is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. Well, at least everyone not wearing the helmet.

These fabulous oversized foam swines can hit all the pig poses that their little pig dice cousins do! Play Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs on the deck or in the backyard, you won't lose 'em.

Finally, my favorite outdoor toy: the BeamO! For everyone too dorky to catch a real Frisbee (or, you know, children), BeamO is a godsend. It glides through the air and is soft to catch, plus it floats in water and has a washable cover.


May your weekend bring you even HALF the joy that German family finds in BeamO. For more advice on strategy gaming outdoors and on vacation, check out this post from last year. Have fun, and let us know what you're playing on Instagram or Facebook!