Our World Famous Holiday Envelopes will return in 2021!

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

We appreciate everyone who chooses to shop and play with us, and so once again, over the Thanksgiving weekend (Friday Nov. 26 through Sunday Nov. 28) we'll be giving out special Cat & Mouse Holiday Envelopes to every customer who spends $35 or more (pre-tax). Inside each will be a Cat & Mouse gift card (up to $100) or a special deal.

BUT.... you can’t open it. You have to save your Holiday Envelope for a few days and then bring it back us between December 3rd and December 9th, 2021.  We’ll open it for you, and you get whatever is inside.

It’s that easy!

Of course, if you decide to open the Holiday Envelope before you come in, what's inside will be lost forever. So wait until the turkey is gone. Be patient for a bit. Maybe play a few games with your family and friends.

Then come back and see us with your envelope, and enjoy a holiday filled with good cheer and great fun!

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