New Two-Player Games for You and Your Valentine

Posted by Linda Schmidt on

Andre and I play two-player games every week.  Our personal collection of them is vast, and we love keeping a few by the kitchen table so that we can easily grab one and play after dinner or brunch.  Over the last few months, several new two-player games have been released that are sure to become mainstays in our collection, and probably bestsellers at the shop.

Fox in the Forest Duet is a co-operative version of the original bestselling Fox in the Forest.  If you want to work together and get along, this is an excellent choice!  For some fearsome competition, though, Watergate and Robin of Locksley are both delightfully strategic and tense.  Our favorite of the bunch is probably Mandala, though.  With lovely artwork and a "board" that's actually a tea towel, it's a strange little card game that we play whenever we want something shorter than that other wonderfully odd card game, cribbage. 

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's the perfect time to pick up a new game to enjoy with your partner.  And hey, nothing says romance like a game about Richard Nixon!

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