Hottest TOYS of the early shopping season

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And now, we present the toys that have been flying off the shelves during the early shopping season. I'm happy to say that sensory, active play, and open-ended building toys continue to be top picks for kids of all ages and genders. Thanks to all the fantastic vendors who have helped us make this a great holiday season so far!

#1 - Nee Doh

We never know what Nee Doh will be arriving next, but we've been fortunate to always have at least a few varieties in stock.



 #2 - Magna-Tiles

One of our all-time favorites really hit it out of the park this year with these new sets. The animals are adorable!


 A variety of Dimpls

 #3 - Dimpls

It started with the little guy on the left, and from there, a Dimpl empire was born.


#4 - Wandini

#5 - Shashibos

More Shashibo styles are arriving soon, including the classy Shashibo Earth + Moon Gift Box😍


#6 - Design and Drill Marble Maze

I love the whole Design and Drill series, especially this one and the Fire Truck. So much play value, and that little power drill is as cute as can be!



#7 - Gravitrax

Oh, how I love Gravitrax! The last time we went to the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago they had a big table of them set up outside of the gift shop. I could have sat and played for hours!


#8 - Airforts

A brilliant idea, and especially great for families who are tight on space!


#9 - Waboba Hyper Bouncing Balls

Waboba balls are the best! They look great and they really do bounce great, too. The perfect stocking stuffer!


#10 - LaLaBoom building sets

Sure these are made for littles, but they're so fun looking, you could put a bowl of them out on any coffee table.  😀



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