Great Gifts: Tweens and Teens

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I know, I know... the kids get older and it seems like all they want is a video game, a new phone, or cold hard cash.  To that, I say, "Phooey!"  You're never too old to appreciate getting a fun gift, and when it comes to older kids we have plenty to choose from!

First up we have some cool coding gifts.  Young kids can start to learn coding and logical thinking basics, but these three products will help them take those skills up to the next level.  We especially love Hacker, a very clever brainteaser from ThinkFun, the masters of hands-on brain-boosting puzzles.  Also pictured:  ozobot EVO and Code Master


Believe it or not, plenty of teens still like to hang out and enjoy some good old-fashioned games made out of cardboard!  Here are some of our top picks for social, fun games that teens love to play all on their own, when there are no pesky parents or siblings around.  Pictured: Pictomania, Coup, Magic the Gathering Game Night Set, Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set, and Unstable Unicorns.


Thames and Kosmos is our favorite manufacturer of detailed, sophisticated science kits.  For inquisitive kids aged 8-12, these can't be beat!  Pictured:  Remote Control Machines Custom Cars, Pepper Mint and the Great Treehouse Engineering Adventure, Physics Solar Workshop, and Crystal Growing.


And last, but not least, it's true that kids eventually outgrow their favorite stuffed animals, but you're NEVER too old for a Squishable!!

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