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If you haven't played Azul yet and you love competitive, abstract games, you're in for a real treat.  We recommend the original Azul for lighter family play, and Azul Stained Glass for a slightly more challenging, dynamic game.  But honestly, you can't go wrong with either one!


Two-player games are always popular for those times when you can't get a larger group together.  Akrotiri has long been one of our favorites, and we were really excited to see it come back into print this year.  It's combines tile-laying with a pick-up-and-deliver mechanic, and has a lot going on in a small package.  And then there's Kero, my current two-player game obsession.  It has cool components and Andre and I really love the combination of strategy and frantic press-your-luck dice rolling.  So unique and FUN!



For something on the deeper end of the gaming spectrum, we have been enjoying and highly recommend GizmosNewton, and Coimbra.  If you're looking for an epic legacy game experience, Betrayal Legacy is a must have!


Every well-rounded strategy game collection should include some card games!  Lost Cities: Rivals, Arboretum, and High Society are all top picks.


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