Great Gifts: Office or White Elephant

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Little brainteasers like these are great for when you need to give multiple people pretty much the same thing, but you want each one to be a bit different.  They come in a variety of difficulty levels, so you can give your friends easier ones, and really hard ones to your enemies!


Helvetiq Games are elegant, pleasant games that are perfect for casual gatherings with friends.  The Swiss designers say that their goal is to create new experiences for casual gamers, book lovers, and design aficionados, and I think they've hit that mark pretty well.  Bandido is the big bestseller, but I also love the matchbox series, particularly ColorFox.


Loop Card Game was designed by our pals oer at Transit Tees, and if you're looking for a Chicago-themed gift, this one can't be beat.  While we were there we couldn't help but pick up some of their Chi-Town enamel pins and stickers, too, so we have plenty of hometown options on hand.


Fidgets are still hugely popular, and we have a whole slew of doohickies that are perfect for your friends' desks, or for yours!


Sometimes, the goal of a White Elephant gift is to come up with something really goofy.  In case you haven't realized this yet, we definitely do goofy.  Perhaps you need a punching nun?  A ginormous whoopie cushion?  An assortment of the ever-popular weird cat figurines? Or maybe a variety of delightful finger claws, paws, hands, and tentacles?  We've got you covered!




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