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Greetings from the Schlemoine household in lovely Humboldt Park!  These past few weeks we've been getting a lot of gaming in, since both Andre (teacher) and Cyrus (college student) have finished up with school.  The two of them have been particularly busy revisiting a lot of older games that are no longer in print, as well as some more recent medium-heavy weight games.  They've been having a blast, even though Cyrus usually wins.  No need to feel sorry for Andre, though.  He remains undefeated in Viticulture, one of our family favorites, and he's finding some solace in that!

In addition to head-to-head strategy games, Andre and Cyrus and their gaming buddy Jason have been plowing their way through one Gloomhaven adventure after another.  When it was first published I wondered if anyone would ever make it through the massive box, but it's proven to be the perfect game for these times of isolation.  Did you hear about the new smaller version of the game (called Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion) that will have a smaller footprint and friendlier price point?  I'm not sure when it will arrive, but you can request to receive an automatic email alert when it's in stock.

On the lighter side of things, the other night we had a marathon session of testing out new family-friendly games, and got through Papageno, Misty, Kawaii, S'mores Wars, and Cat Rescue.  I'd say that Papageno was our favorite of the Helvetiq card games, and S'mores Wars was surprisingly fun with a lot of player interaction and some good-natured trash talking.  It's super cute and is about delicious s'mores, so I think it would be a fun game for a group of tweens to play together.

The unexpected hit of the month has been Seikatsu: A Pet's Life, which I had heard good things about, but had never played.  It's one of those games with simple rules, but a bit more going on than you might expect at first.  And talk about cute, this thing is absolutely delightful.  We think kids as young as 6 or 7 will be able to pick it up, and the adults they're playing with will enjoy it just as much.  And I'm sure that A Pet's Life will become one of our go-to beach games, along with Rummikub and Bloom, since there are no cards to blow away.  Perfect!


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