What's on the menu for Thanksgiving? No pressure or drama, just lots of FUN!

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We own a store that sells all kinds of games, and we are a competitive family.  We often play to win.  And yet... Thanksgiving is one of those times when we really just want to chill out and play for fun.  We're full of food!  We want to hear Uncle Rich go off on one of his strange and amusing tangents!  We're too stuffed and relaxed to think too hard about anything, and so we pull out games like these.  They're ones that are easy and amusing and conversational, and most of all, just right for the day. From our house to yours, we hope you have a happy, healthy, and joyous Thanksgiving!

Just One - In this co-operative party game, you’re all working together to guess 13 mystery words over the course of 13 rounds. One player is the guesser. All other players have a board to write on, and they get to view the mystery word. Then, in secret, each writes a ONE WORD clue on their board. When everyone is done, they compare clues, and any duplicates are knocked out. The guesser will not get to see them! The unique clues are then revealed to the guesser, and he attempts to figure out what the mystery word is. So simple! But… do you write a word that’s a great clue, but so great that other people will think of the same clue, and it will get knocked out? Do you come up with a clue word that’s clever and hopefully unique, but maybe too obscure to help the guesser? ARRRGH?!?!  Just One was awarded the 2019 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year), and if you like word games like Codenames or Taboo, you should definitely check it out.


The Game of Wolf - We love the shifting alliances in this trivia game, where players choose their teams (or decide to go "lone wolf") when they hear what the category is.  It somehow makes us not care too much who's winning, because half the fun is trying to figure out who would be the best or worst teammates for any given question.  We also love the fact that The Game of Wolf was designed by a lovely local company called Gray Matters Games.  Check out their recent appearance on ABC 7 Chicago!


#SquadUpWhen playing #SquadUp, gather your friends and family to team up to beat the System!  In this Charades-style guessing game, your squad goal is to guess 20 different secret words. You only have 10 seconds to guess each word, and the types of clues you can give will change each round.  ROUND 1 – You can say whatever it takes to get your Squad to guess the answers.  ROUND 2 – You may only act out the clues.  ROUND 3 – You must only use one word.  The laughs get louder and the challenges get trickier as the rounds progress. Recalling previously revealed answers will be your strategic loophole as you rally to overcome the opposition.


Whozit - This is one of those games that generates lots of great, bizarre discussions and debates; it's perfect for our family of opinionated goofballs like Uncle Chuck, the lawyer.  In Whozit, you take turns secretly picking a character from the lineup of six, then tip off your teammates by rating how well a pair of clues applies to your choice. Would Darth Vader drive an expensive car? Could Lady Gaga make a great babysitter? You'll crack up as you crack the case, but your team can only win by eliminating all of the unlikely suspects and correctly guessing – Whozit?! 


Concept - Concept is almost like Charades, but you're not acting things out, you're giving clues by indicating picture symbols on a big, colorful game board.  It's a fascinating exercise in trying to figure out how other people's brains work!  Even better: it’s easy to set up, easy to play, and doesn’t always require your full attention. It can be played in teams or free-for-all, and with more than 300 possible concepts, the fun will last a long time. 



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